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Like in a story

this episode is from real life where I had the wonderful opportunity to be the protagonist.

Long time ago; living in my land in Jalisco, on a ranch called «ROSALES». I lived with my parents and eleven brothers in the midst of our work in the fields, I lived happily although many ideas of improvement always flowed in my mind.

One day resting from my hard work, under the shade of a lush Carandá tree, I decided that one day I would leave my beloved ranch towards our neighboring Country, in search of the American dream.

With the enthusiasm of that constant idea in my mind, I worked hard to raise money for the trip of my dreams.

The great day of my departure arrived; with a small suitcase and the fraternal embrace of my eleven brothers’ farewell and most importantly, the blessing of my parents, I started my way to Texas, with great enthusiasm and hope.

After many setbacks were overcome, I managed to reach the City of Corpus Christi, Texas on June 14, 1986 and that was my first achievement because I was already on American soil.

After a 2-day break, I went out looking for a job because I was determined to get ahead.

Thank God, the owners of the Taquerias Jalisco kindly offered me my first job in this country and I managed to work with them for seven years in which I gained a lot of knowledge, which would later help me in my long-awaited dream.

I kept working and within me, that concern to become independent did not leave me.

Until one day, I decided to start on my own with some savings and other loans from very close people and I managed to realize my dream of opening the first «TAQUERIA ACAPULCO» on Airline Street.

In this way, I felt that all the effort of so many years was worth it and finally my wish came true, achieving my American dream.

Currently, and thanks to God and the great contribution and collaboration of my family, we have four ACAPULCO TICKETS in the City of Corpus Christi, achieving great acceptance from our clients who visit us every day with the purpose of enjoying our authentic and delicious Mexican food.

These achievements also force us to improve ourselves more and more and to fulfill our goal of having our clients satisfied.



Clients served


Dishes on the menu




Years of experience

Thank you Corpus Christi

For allowing us this wonderful opportunity.

(Chronicle written by Mariano Fernandez)
Leer versión en español aquí

Open Every Day; 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 pm
Curbside pick up and Take out services

Our goals is to always have a satisfied consumer
Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity

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